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I heard that Make Life Incredible has a free kitchen remodel estimate page and info on what to ask.  Is this true?Thanks.

Posted by José Luis
steved333Yep.  You can find all kinds of deals and such there, including stuff about free kitchen renovation estimates.

Home improvement Help!!?My fiance and I are looking to put a fence in are back yard. Are back yard is fairly small, how much does this typically cost?? And does anyone have any suggestions?? Would you recommend doing this yourself??

Posted by lynn
steved333$10 per post
$70 per panel
1.5 bags of cement per hole

do it yourself..its not hard.

Home improvement?How much would it cost too make a fountain in the back yard
like about 12 feet a medium size one? And if possible
could i have links too website for home projects like
fencing, bbq plan basically a web site with plans
too build stuff.

Posted by Serg B
steved333How long is a piece of string?

Could be $200 if you recycle stuff and do it yourself, could be $2000.

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